Hundreds come out to honor deputies killed in Watauga County during Friday procession

North Carolina

WATAUGA COUNTY, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — It was a solemn and emotional day in Watauga County as the two deputies who were killed in a standoff earlier this week took their final trips home.

A police escort took Sergeant Chris Ward and Deputy Logan Fox from the Medical Examiner’s Office in Winston-Salem, back to Boone.

If there was ever any question of how much Wednesday’s deadly standoff in Watauga County has affected the people there, you need only look at the procession, making its way through downtown Boone as hundreds stand by honoring just two of the four killed.

It’s been a tough few days for that entire county and the people that knew the victims. People are still coming to terms with what happened, from family of those killed, to those who worked with them.

It’s safe to say that everyone who spoke with FOX 46 Friday was still raw about everything that happened, The community is searching for answers and wondering ‘why?’ But they’re also doing their best to honor the memory and the lives of those that were killed.

Friday was a step towards healing, but it was still a challenge to cope.

“It’s beautiful,” said Nathan Trivett, who knew the deputies. “I never expected this big of a crowd.”

Alex Greene also knew the deputies.

“I went to school with Seargent Ward’s daughter,” Greene said.

Wendy Deese and Susan Sisk were George Ligon’s sisters. The deputies were responding to Ligon’s house on Wednesday when they were shot. George, and his wife Michelle, were also killed in the standoff.

“The both loved Boone,” the sister’s told FOX 46. “They loved the area. She was just a go-getter.”

Questions still linger on what exactly happened that day. They say the suspect was Michelle’s son, Isaac, who later took his own life. Deese and Sisk have had to explain, the best they could, everything to their grandkids.

“I told him that Isaac was sick, sad, and depressed, and that if they ever felt that way, to talk to somebody.”

Between the Ligons and the deputies, there were some resounding themes: Dependability, warmth and love.

“Loving, kind, there when you need them,” Trivett said.

And even among the sadness, a sense of what made them so memorable.

“He brought laughter and smiles to us just by being around,” his sisters said. There is a community night of remembrance that will be coming up on Monday, May 10. It will feature blue light bulbs in honor of the deputies killed and red ribbons in honor of the Ligons.

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