‘I got madder than hell’: Johnston County beekeeper has hives stolen

North Carolina

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a hive heist in Four Oaks. The beekeeper said his four hives, valued at more than $1,000, were stolen. He said he spent months building those hives, and he’s angry.

“I got madder than hell,” said the beekeeper who asked that we not give his name.

He said he came to check on his four beehives Thursday morning only to find the contents gone.

“Right off the bat I could see that two of them had their covers off, upside down on the ground,” the beekeeper said.

He kept the beehives on the back on the fields off Sandy Road. The bees were used to help the farmers crops.

The incident report from the sheriff’s office confirms his account.

“I want a piece of someone’s butt, I really do. And I’m not a violent person. I never have been. I don’t want to take no ones life or nothing like that, but somebody deserves an old fashioned correction,” he said.

The disabled veteran started beekeeping six years ago to help make some extra money.

But this year’s bees had special meaning. He had open heart surgery in the fall and a second surgery in March. As soon as he could he said he started working on the hives.

“On a fixed income, the way my condition is I can’t work or do nothing else. Gives me something to do, gives me purpose,” he said.

This beekeeper is already rebuilding. He moved the bees to a new spot.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with information to give them a call.


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