ANGIER, N.C. (WNCN) — The Angier Police Department is warning residents of a potential scam. They are investigating an asphalt paving scheme targeting property owners.

Adam Raynor thought he was getting a bargain when a stranger offered to pave his driveway of his business, APW Flooring & Remodeling, for $1,200 on Tuesday. Once the job was done, he eagerly accepted when the stranger said he could pave the entire back lot.

“I asked how much it would be to do this entire parking lot. He said 1,800. I said that’s a no brainer, so I did it,” said Raynor.

After the stranger finished the job, Raynor said he upped the price. 

“I asked how much do I owe you? He said $25,000. I said you have lost your mind. There’s no way I can do that.”

Raynor said the man would not leave until he got paid. 

“I went up, got a check. I asked what’s the best I can do? I said well I’ll pay you 21 thousand,” Raynor recounted. “As soon as he left, I cancelled the check, because I knew it was a scam.”

Now, authorities are investigating potentially multiple scammers, but they don’t have many leads. Police believe the scammers bought the asphalt from Johnson Brother’s Utility in Lillington, and that they paid cash. 

“They have been selling this small group of individuals asphalt. They don’t know them by name, but they keep giving them a bogus phone number, so they’re hard to keep in touch with,” said Officer David Adams.

Police are warning residents to do their homework before hiring someone new. 

“Always check their credential to see if they’re licensed or certified. Check reviews on the internet to see if they have reviews,” said Adams.