‘Literally petrified’: Charlotte mom and 2 sons involved in road rage incident involving gun

North Carolina

CHARLOTTE (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A mother driving her kids to school was terrified after another driver waved a gun at her.

Though it was only about two minutes long, Erica said what happened at the intersection of E. Mallard Creek Church Road and North Tryon street will stick with her and her two sons. That’s why she didn’t want to show their faces but did want to tell her story exclusively to FOX 46.

“I was terrified, my youngest in the back seat, my youngest was actually screaming. Literally petrified, I’ve never seen him act like that,” remembered Erica.

“It was my first time in that situation, but I’m 16 and he’s 12. I hope he’s okay,” said her son.

Erica said she was driving her kids to school on the morning of November 17 when another woman driving a car almost hit them in the turning lane. Erica said she honked at her and that’s when the driver started yelling, following Erica, and then pulled out a pink gun.

“I did panic for a good 20 seconds, not knowing what to do, but I did dial 911,” said Erica.

But her phone call to the police didn’t help. She said they told her that even though she had a photo of the woman’s license plate, they couldn’t prove it was the woman driving the car so it’s hard to investigate.

“That’s when I finally started crying out of anger, like what do you mean you can’t do anything? I have her license plate,” said Erica.

FOX 46 reached out to CMPD about the incident. Officials wrote that though the whole situation is “concerning,” it’s not a crime.

Her son said it should have never gotten that bad, especially with his little brother in the car. “It’s not just about you, there are other people in the car, my little brother was in the car. That could have been a traumatic experience for him,” said her son.

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