Local pool operators struggling to find chlorine and maintenance workers

North Carolina

HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — With the heat, plenty of people will be heading to the pool. But for maintenance workers and pool operators, getting those pools ready has been a struggle.  

 “Right now, it’s basically starting from scratch again,” said Spiro Laousis, owner and operator of the High Point Water Park pool on Shaver Street.   

The pool needs a lot of work to make a splash this summer after being overgrown with weeds and algae. 

“Paving the outside concrete to cleaning out the pool, re-painting it, filling it with water, putting all the chemicals in. Under normal circumstances all of the prep work would have already been done,” Laousis said. 

Laousis tells FOX8 he typically pays $10,000to $12,000 a season for pool chemicals. This year, the price tripled to $30,000.

Some places even quoted him $40,000, and he had to drive all the way to Florida because that’s the closest place he was able to buy chlorine. 

“Nobody could have expected the difficulty in getting just the chemicals,” Laousis explained.   

The price of water to fill the pool jumped from $4,000 to $7,000 this year. Unfortunately, that also means higher admission prices. Laousis tells FOX8 he had to raise the price from $5 to $10 and $15 a visit just to be able to operate and maintain the pool, but he’s determined to put in the work and bring back summer. 

“Once we get the pool open, it’s going to be soon. I just want you to enjoy it and just keep on coming back,” Laousis stated. 

He hopes to have the pool open by June 1.

As for High Point city pools, Parks and Rec told FOX8 they’ll be open next Saturday in time for Memorial Day Weekend. The same goes for Greensboro city pools. 

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