MADISON, N.C. (WGHP) — Madison Dry Goods is sharing its ghosts with the world in a new Netflix paranormal show.

“I guess we are one of the most haunted places in America now,” owner Richard Miller said. “I think the exposure is…great for Madison, and I think it’s great for us as well.”

Over the years, the store has become a destination for folks looking to take a step back in time. But it’s also become a place for those exploring the supernatural.

“Some people come in, and they won’t go upstairs,” he said. “We’ll hear all kinds of comments when they come back down.”

The building’s history includes being used as a hotel and funeral home. As a funeral home, workers prepared the victims of the Lawson family murders on Christmas day, 1929.

For years, ghost hunters have been drawn to the store, including the producers behind Netflix’s “28 Days Haunted,” which premiered Oct. 21.

“People have reported seeing a little girl in the windows or sitting in a chair, dangling her feet, in the old funeral family visitation room,” Miller said. “Some report feeling the presence of some thing, or cold chills quickly come or go.”

When producers of the show heard about the experiences, they took over the building for a month last summer. 

For 28 days, ghost hunters lived and slept in the building with no access to the outside world. Cameras installed throughout the building captured what they discovered. 

Miller doesn’t know what they found and will learn with everyone else when it starts streaming.

“We’ve already been contacted by people from around the country who want to visit, and it’s not even out yet,” Miller said. “It’s still mind-boggling if you think about it.