Mom says teacher choked 4th-grade daughter on bus in Harnett County

North Carolina
Harnet County Girl Allegedly Choked On Bus

A Harnett County mom is furious after she says a teacher allegedly choked her daughter while disciplining her on a school bus.

“She came home off the bus crying, had a full-blown asthma attack,” Nelly Stang said about her young daughter. 

Stang says the incident happened Thursday after school. Her 4th-grade daughter was on the bus at South Harnett Elementary before it pulled out to take the kids home.

“My child said that she was standing up and she just wasn’t sitting down when the bus was ready to go and the teacher grabbed her and was arguing with my daughter ‘sit down, be quiet,’ a little back and forth,” the mother said.

Stang says what happened next crossed the line.

“She grabbed her and she choked her, hand around her throat like this,” said Stang.

Stang says she went to the principal to report what happened and brought her daughter with her.

“My daughter told her the same thing, ‘The teacher grabbed me twice, she choked me, she called me a ****,’ and she threatened her, told her, ‘I took a grown man out what do you think I’ll do to you?’” Stang said. 

CBS 17 reached out to the school district for comment. They said the incident is under review, but they cannot share the details of any personnel-related investigations. 

Stang says there were two other adults at the time of the incident; another bus monitor and the bus driver. 

“As a mother, I’m very upset at the fact that there was two other adults on the bus when this happened and nobody intervened,” said Stang. “Nobody stopped it.”

Stang also filed a report with the Harnett County sheriff’s office. The sheriff’s office says they are investigating the incident as an assault on a minor. 

“I want the teacher to lose her job,” said Stang. “I don’t want her to be able to work around children whatsoever.”

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