Monroe woman says no answers from cemetery after father’s gravesite was damaged

North Carolina

MONROE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- A Monroe woman and her family are wondering how her father’s gravesite ended up damaged, and are looking for answers from the cemetery.

“I go out there, and I’m like ‘oh my gosh, what happened?'” Renee Nolan said.

Nolan wants answers from Lakeland Memorial Cemetery after her father’s grave was damaged over the weekend.

“I was on the way back in town, and my mother had called me and said someone had done something to the cemetery plot,” Nolan said.

After receiving the calls, she decided to come up here to her father’s grave. When she got there, she noticed tire tracks and said that the gravestone had been moved from its foundation.

“The gravestone was diagonal, and it was sticking that much out of the ground. Literally, the mud was all over the gravestone. It was just dug like someone was spinning tires, like if they were stuck.”

Nolan says she called the company, but didn’t get a hold of anyone. Her family never received a phone call back about the damage until she called out the cemetery on Facebook. The post not only revealed how the public feels about this terrible incident, but verifies other issues she has with the company.

“Right before my dad’s grave, I always have to jump over the ditch because there’s always water there. So, I had to jump over the ditch just to get the flowers on it. We’ve talked to them about that, but they’ve not done anything,” she said.

FOX 46 reported on Lakeland Memorial in November of 2017 after sentimental items and American flags were removed from graves, causing families to fish through dumpsters for their items.

At this time, Nolan says no one from the cemetery has taken responsibility for the damage caused this weekend, but will continue pressing for the truth.

“Everyone can’t speak for their gravestones and what’s going on with them. I want to be the voice for everyone out there and something needs to be done.”

She’s looking to see if any neighbors have cameras in the area as she says the company does not have any surveillance cameras and hardly any lights. 

Lakeland Memorial Park issued this statement to FOX 46, saying:

“At Lakeland Memorial Park, we take great pride in the beauty and care of our property and are committed to providing families with a serene and well-maintained environment for visitations. Unfortunately, the Monroe area was recently inundated with rainfall, prohibiting our ability to finishing making repairs to the park. The recent rainfall made the grounds too wet and any attempts to make repairs would have likely caused additional damage. We are hopeful that our area will see relief from excess precipitation soon so we can finish the repairs. We remain committed to clearing our property of floodwater and returning the cemetery to its pre-storm condition as soon as possible.”

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