More arrests coming? Mom says multiple people were in the car when shot was fired, killing 7-year-old

North Carolina

HICKORY, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- There could be more arrests in a possible road rage murder of a seven-year-old child in Hickory. 

Early Friday, they arrested a man, and the mom of the little boy who was killed tells us there was more than one person in the car that fired at her and her children. 

 “I seen the spark. I didn’t even know the window had been shot out,” said Whitney Harris, the mother of 7-year-old Zakylen. “I guess the gun went off, kind of numbed my ears and I hear my son, my six-year-old, yelling ‘mommy, mommy, Ky been shot! Ky been shot!”  

Harris tells FOX 46 she saw the flash of the gun and had no idea why the people in the other car would fire at her and her babies, killing her Zakylen and grazing her baby in the head. 

“Y’all killed my baby. I don’t know what yall’s intentions were. I don’t know what was wrong with y’all,” Harris said. 

Douglas Wilson, 23, is now charged with first-degree murder. The Hickory Police Department says their work is not over. They did not say if they expect to make more arrests, but on Thursday, they said they were looking for a white woman with blonde hair. 

Harris knows there was more than one person in the car that drove up beside her Wednesday night and fired at her three sons in the backseat. 

“That’s when I saw the white girl and I could tell something was going on in the car because I could hear them being loud and they were behind me,” Harris said.  

She thinks someone in the backseat pulled the trigger. She says she saw the white, blonde woman in the front passenger seat.  

“I do believe somebody was in the back the windows were tinted, but it looked like somebody had reached around her and shot,” she said. “I never seen her hands go up as if she had the gun and the spark was by her face like she leaned back for the person to shoot.”  

Police did not say what led them to arrest Wilson. The Catawba County Sheriff’s Office found him at a hotel and arrested him on a warrant for a marijuana charge Thursday and later, Hickory Police charged him with killing Zakylen.  

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