(WGHP) — North Carolina just got a boost in our bid to host the 2027 World University Games.

The state budget lawmakers agreed on last week has $25 million in it if we win the right to host.

We’re one of two finalists for the games along with a group from South Korea.

The latest version of the state’s bid adds Elon University to the list of facilities used for the games.

Raleigh sports promoter Hill Carrow says the track there will be used as a practice facility. The Greensboro Coliseum would host several events as well.

The $25 million in the budget is about a quarter of what we’ll need to host the games. The other $75 million should come from sponsorships, TV rights, ticket sales and what local governments put up.

Organizers predict the games could generate between $150 and $350 million for the state.

Carrow also expects the games to send a strong message about how supportive the state and its public sector are.

Folks who estimate these kinds of things say about 400 million people could watch the games.