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NC man tried to kill wife with ant poison, warrants say

HOPE MILLS, N.C. (WNCN) - A North Carolina man tried to kill his wife by putting ant poison in her food, warrants say. 

Eugene Richard Pittman, 52, faces a charge of attempted first-degree murder after police said bought Terro brand ant poison with intent to kill his wife, police said. 

On May 12, Pittman made dinner for his wife while she relaxed on the back porch. While eating, Pittman's wife commented that the food tasted sweet and asked in jest if he was trying to poison her. 

Warrants say Pittman became defensive about the comment and denied it. 

Pittman's wife did not finish the meal but put the remaining food in their dogs' bowls. 

Warrants say Pittman then asked his wife if she was trying to poison their dogs. 

That night, Pittman's wife woke up to find her hands had been bound with duct tape, warrants say. 

She was able to free herself and Pittman went outside. 

There, Pittman told his wife, "You have two choices, you can leave, or you can die," warrants state. 

Pittman's wife then became sleepy an went to bed only to find her husband had left for work when she woke up. 

Pittman's wife later found a substance in their yard and tasted it in attempt to identify it. Warrants say the substance tasted like her meal the night before. Warrants say that substance was Terro ant poison. 

She also found three empty containers of the poison in their garage trash can. 

Warrants say surveillance images and band records show Pittman purchased the ant poison on May 12. 

"We were a little bit on edge that somebody like that could live in our neighborhood, so we're a little bit worried," said a neighbor who asked not to be identified. "Thank God they got him, and hopefully he'll get whatever help he needs." 

Pittman's wife said she never anticipated an incident like this. She said her husband served many years in the Army and was honorably discharged several years ago. She believes drinking led to this incident. 

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