CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — North Carolina lawmakers could soon play a major role in the balance of power within Congress. 

They’re expected to start re-districting Congressional maps within the next couple of months, which could mean a significant advantage for Republicans in 2024. Political analysts speculate that if state legislators draw the districts a certain way, Republicans could have the opportunity to pick up between three to four congressional seats in North Carolina. 

Previously, the state Supreme Court shot down proposed maps from Republicans, accusing them of gerrymandering. But now, the court has a Republican majority and will likely give lawmakers the green light, regardless of gerrymandering accusations from Gov. Roy Cooper and Democrats in the General Assembly. 

Dr. Michael Bitzer, a political science professor at Catawba College, says the three most vulnerable Democratic Congressional seats are currently held by Reps. Jeff Jackson (District 14) , Wiley Nickel (13th) and Kathy Manning (6th). 

“The Democrats want to use New York, as the Republicans are using North Carolina,” Bitzer explained. “And in the end, it may actually come out to be a wash in terms of how many seats get flipped, but this is the battle that goes on into the states that didn’t have an impact on Congress.” 

If New York’s Supreme Court sides with Democrats, and they’re given the go-ahead to draw up new maps there, they could have just as much, if not more sway, than Republicans in North Carolina. 

N.C. lawmakers are expected to release the maps by late September or early October.