NC Republicans, FOP concerned over police shortages due to federal vaccine mandate

North Carolina

CHARLOTTE (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — North Carolina’s Fraternal Order of Police is asking Republican lawmakers to get the President’s attention, and they just took the first step.

A group of North Carolina republicans sent President Biden a letter, warning him that vaccine mandates will cause police officer shortages. The Police Union is extremely concerned about staffing shortages due to vaccine mandates.

Randy Hagler, President of North Carolina’s Fraternal Order of Police, said having fewer officers on the streets impacts more than just the department.

“My biggest fear is, is that the departments won’t be safe for the men and women are that later protecting and serving. And if it’s not safe for them, because their staffing levels are short, that is not going to be safe for the communities we serve,” Hagler said.

He first brought this concern to Congressman Ted Budd (NC-13). Budd drafted a letter to Biden and the rest of the Republicans in North Carolina’s delegation signed on.

“We have first responders, we have police on the street, and now they’re exiting their jobs when we need them the most because they don’t want to be forced to take a vaccine. And I think that’s their right to make that decision. So, I think it’s a very bad idea that the Biden administration would want to enforce these mandates,” Budd said.

Budd said he’s in support of the vaccine, just not the mandates.

“So, it’s not a question about the efficacy of the vaccination or the need for it. And I’m glad that we have it. But we don’t want to force people to do a medical procedure. That’s unconstitutional and un-American,” Budd said.

Hagler hopes the letter sparks change.

“Our officers are not partisan. They come on both sides of the aisle, our officers do. But this is a law enforcement issue. As far as we’re concerned, it has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat,” Hagler said.

As of October, 67 percent of CMPD staff have been vaccinated.

North Carolina State Senator Natasha Marcus said in a statement: “The only way out of this worldwide pandemic, is for everyone to get vaccinated and be part of the solution.”

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