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New laws going into effect in North Carolina on January 1

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. (WNCT/WAVY) - Several new North Carolina laws go into effect on January 1, some of which taxpayers won't see the effects of for several years. 


The launch of the Build NC Bond Act program will provide an additional funding source to road programs over the next 10 years, according to legislation passed by the General Assembly. 

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is now authorized to borrow up to $300 million per year in special-indebtedness bonds.

The funds will be used for high-priority highway construction projects that don't qualify for federal funding.

For instance, there is a nearly $19,000 project slated to be completed on U.S. Route 17 through Elizabeth City. 

The bonds will be backed up using funds from tolls, highway taxes and vehicle registration fees. 


There will no longer be two primary dates in North Carolina during presidential primary years.

All primaries will be held the Tuesday after the first Monday in March before each general election held in November in even-numbered years. 

In recent years prior, state and federal primary dates were separate. 

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