(WGHP) — It’s not every day someone says they have a check for you and all you have to do to claim it is verify who you are.

“We’ve just broken all records by paying out, last year, over $75 million out of NCCash.com,” said Dale Folwell.

You can check to see if the state has any unclaimed cash under your name using the link below.

This is not Publisher’s Clearinghouse, and it is most certainly not a scam. This is money that the law requires is turned over to the state when a business or other entity can’t find the person it belongs to. So, for example, maybe you moved and switched insurance companies when you did – the one where you used to live might have owed you a couple hundred dollars in a rebate from pre-paid insurance. That money ends up at the state until they track you down.

At times, it can be life-changing.

“We just found $248,000 for a person in Stokes County who was the beneficiary of a life insurance policy,” said Dale Folwell, who has been North Carolina’s elected state treasurer since 2017.

Folwell says the odds that you have at least a few dollars with the state are pretty good.

“There are exactly twice as many records of things that belong to people than there are adult citizens, in North Carolina,” said Folwell.  “It’s probably about $180 on average. It doesn’t matter if it’s $8, $80 or $80,000 we found for the trucking company in the Triad. People are just delighted to have their own money given back to them.”

It’s mostly individuals but there are 57 Rotary organizations that the state is holding money for, plus plenty of others.

“Guilford County has money there, the school systems have money there, High Point University, UNCG,” said Folwell.

As jobs elected officials do, this one is about as fun as they get.

“As the former treasurer once told me, ‘It’s kind of crazy that you actually get joy out of giving people their own money back.’ But I’m in the check-delivery business,” said Folwell with a smile.