GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — It was a lucky year for many people in North Carolina.

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The NC Education Lottery continues to be a big-money system that not only helps schools but also gives many the chance to win big money. There were some big-prize winners in 2022, some of them from Eastern North Carolina, too.

Here are the top winners of each category of the NC Education Lottery:


41 $50,000 winners

Winners from ENC

Robin Lowe: Havelock

Steven Harris: New Bern

4 $150,000 winners:

Charlie Williams

Wesley Partlow

Johnny Langston, Warsaw

Barry Cozart

2 $100,000 winners:

Michael Buck, Rocky Mount

Brian Marks

3 $1,000,000 winners:

Lisa Best

Donald West

John Gerenza

(None from Eastern NC)

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Mega Millions:

27 $10,000 winners

Winners in Eastern North Carolina:

Andrea Croley: Winterville

2 $20,000 winners

Winners in Eastern North Carolina:

James Mcgarvey: New Bern

Amanda Hodges: Washington

5 $30,000 winners:

Winners in Eastern North Carolina:

Stephanie Proctor: New Bern

1 $40,000 winner:

Bobby Mitchell

4 $1,000,000 winners:

Lovenzo Marks

Carl Izzard

Marjorie Robert

Toni Greene

(None from ENC)

(NC Education Lottery photo)

Lucky For Life:

32 $5,000 winners:

Winners in Eastern North Carolina:

Vandnabahen Patel: Havelock

Christopher Skimmer: Farmville

Markell Gibbs: Winterville

3 $390,000 winners:

Kenneth Kiriazes

Jami Sasso-zavala

Martha Dixon

(None from ENC)

1 $500,000 winner:

Alton Bailey

carolina cash 5_1532365667024.jpg.jpg

Cash 5:

5 $50,000 winners:

Donald Futrell

Georgia Haris

Shena Royster

Lennie Goins

Robert Coles

(None from ENC)

2 $55,000 winners:

Betty Wilkins

Brian Canto

2 $60,000 winners:

Joseph Yates

Bob Proffitt

2 $76,045 winners:

Ivonne Roman

Brian Sullivan

2 $82,533 winners:

Shanika Mayweather

Dale Smith

11 over $100,000 winners

Joseph Gardner, $120,000, Wilson

1 $,432,942 winner

Sherman Reedy, Rocky Mount

Pick 4:

There were lots of winners for the Pick 4 category, including many $5,000 winners.

Fast Play:

17 $5,000 winners


Margaret Talbert

7 $10,000 winners


Christi Wimmer


Britney Wright


Robert Arney


Jerry Bryant, Englehard

13 over $100,000 winners

(NC Education Lottery photo)


There were a lot of scratch-off winners. One of the biggest from ENC was Ray Flowers ($600,000) from New Bern. Many others also won, including many $5,000 and $10,000 winners. The other winners from ENC who won more than $10,000 these and many others:

$200,000: Bridget White, New Bern

$100,000: Teddy Sparks in Jacksonville; Lyncurgus Williams, New Bern; Nelson Mercado, Greenville

$50,000: Daniel Eller, Jacksonville

$30,000: Ledel George, Havelock

$20,000: Gary Pretula, Roper