GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — North Carolina recently made the list of top summer destinations in America. conducted a study in April of the twenty best states to visit this summer, using five qualities to determine the best. North Carolina ranked number sixteen under Arizona at fifteen, and above Mississippi at seventeen.


  • decided to rank the Best US States To Vacation This Summer by ranking these five points:
  • Accommodation Availability: The number of two-room accommodation options on for two adults and two children (aged 10 & 12 years old), from 06/11/23 – 06/18/23.
  • Accommodation Affordability: The % of the above search results that are less than $200 per night.
  • Crime Rate: The crime rate per 100,000 residents from World Population Review – with the states with the lowest crime rates having the highest scores (inverted).
  • Average Sunlight: The annual sunlight per state, measured in (kJ/m^2) from Stacker.
  • Landmarks & State Parks: The number of National Historical Landmarks and State Parks in each state – taken from National Park Service & State Parks.
  • All five data points were measured out of 100 using the PERCENTRANK formula, and an average was found to create a ‘Final/ Summer Vacation Joker Score’. States were ranked from highest to lowest final score.
  • All data was collected and correct on 04/26/2023.