RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The organization Republicans for Ukraine knows its target audience. The group has bought national spots on Fox News and on next week’s Fox News Republican primary debate. 

“This is about sending a signal to Republican leaders and even Republican voters that there are other Republicans out there who support aid to Ukraine and that they should follow suit,” said national spokesperson Gunner Ramer. “We hope this gives permission to Republicans that it is OK to support aid to Ukraine. Because there are other Republicans out there who feel that way.”

Republicans for Ukraine scored every GOP member of the U.S. House based on how they’ve voted and their statements regarding aid to Ukraine.

At the top of North Carolina’s delegation is Congressman Patrick McHenry with an ‘A’.  McHenry is among the most powerful members of the house and is seen as the right-hand man to Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Eastern North Carolina’s David Rouzer also gets an ‘A’ as well as Representative Richard Hudson, whose district includes Fort Liberty. Congresswoman Virginia Foxx comes in with a ‘B’ while freshman congressman Chuck Edwards, who represents western NC,  gets a ‘B-‘.

The scoring then drops to a ‘D-‘ for Greg Murphy. Here are the grades from best to worst for the seven representatives from North Carolina.

Richard HudsonA (Excellent)
Patrick McHenryA (Excellent)
David RouzerA (Excellent)
Virginia FoxxB (Okay)
Chuck EdwardsB- (Okay)
Gregory MurphyD- (Poor)
Dan BishopF (Very poor)

“I will say the North Carolina House delegation has a mix of ratings as well as the overall House delegation. Across the country, there are some A’s. There are some B’s, but sadly there are too many Fs,” said Ramer. The ‘F’ for North Carolina went to Congressman Dan Bishop.

Bishop is now running for North Carolina Attorney General.

Ramer said the goal of the ad blitz and the rankings is to call on members to support the$40 billion supplemental aid package for Ukraine that President Biden has called for.

“It is in the vital interest of America to support both democracy here and abroad. And it’s about standing up to Vladimir Putin,” said Ramer. This is a traditional Republican value. That is the thing that Ronald Reagan was known for, was standing up to Russia, and I think Republicans today need to do that as well.”