(QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Shoppers are facing empty shelves at grocery stores across the Charlotte-region.

“She got the last bread,” Chaudhry Fakher said while unloading his shopping cart into his car.

Supermarkets like Harris Teeter have been struggling to keep shelves stocked for weeks following supply chain delays, high prices, and staffing shortages due to COVID.

Sunday’s snowstorm triggered stockpiling. 

“Panic,” one shopper described days leading up to the storm. “I mean it was the same thing with the toilet paper in COVID. People just have the tendency to panic now-a-days, so they go out and you know… but with what I have seen at stores these past couple of days, maybe it’s justified.”

According to IRI, food supplies at supermarkets are below the threshold. As of Sunday. Southeast grocery stores were 86% stocked.

Baking goods, milk, and snacks were most likely to be in short supply.

“There are several things. I think the Gatorade bottles if you went down the aisle with the drinks, there are signs that say they are currently experiencing a supply chain issue with that. The meatballs, that was also missing. Something you have to make do with, but definitely throws a wrench into things,” one shopper said.