Raleigh CBD store owners talk as NC officials begin regulating products

North Carolina
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Derek Haynes is all about CBD products. 

“The anxiousness that I have felt has been lowered while using the products,” Haynes said. “It’s also been a way to positively deteriorate stress in my life.”

The same goes for Corey Stahl and her husband, Eric Stahl, who are behind The Hemp Farmacy in North Raleigh.

“I’m a big believer in the tea, I also use giraffe nuts and some of the frogs,” Corey Stahl said, explaining some of the edible products they offer. 

This week, officials with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will start enforcing rules by sending letters to businesses on what’s allowed and what’s not allowed to sell in stores. 

Joe Reardon, Assistant Commissioner for Consumer Protection, said North Carolina mirrors federal law, and CBD is considered a drug. 

“It’s a growing industry,” Reardon said. “We felt it was the right thing to do, from a public health perspective, to share that information in the state.”

That information includes what’s not allowed to be sold in stores. 

According to Reardon, that includes distributing CBD products with health claims, CBD as an ingredient in nutritional supplements and CBD-infused food and drinks. 

“When we see products that can be marketed, primarily for children, like gummy bears, and ice cream, and lollipops, those products that traditionally are consumed by children, and we see these ingredients put in those products, that does give us pause,” Reardon said. 

Eric Stahl, Vice President of Hempleton Investment Group and co-owner of The Hemp Farmacy in North Raleigh, said he and his wife are willing to adjust their shop if needed. 

“We knew that some changes were going to come down the road,” Eric Stahl said. “We’re actually going to continue to re-evaluate our product mix, and if we feel there’s products on our shelves that might not be the best products, or in the scope of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) statement, then we may very well remove those products from our shelves.”

CBD oil tinctures are still allowed. 

Reardon added some tips for CBD consumers include finding out where the product is manufactured, what type of testing is done and the strength and purity of products.

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