RALEIGH, N.C.(WNCN) — On May 21, 2020, Yolanda Irving was in her Raleigh home when she says a SWAT team busted into her home with rifles drawn.

The raid on her home was part of a no-knock search warrant intended for another person at another address, according to Irving’s attorneys.

Her attorneys say they have reached a settlement in a lawsuit against the City of Raleigh for $350,000. The plaintiffs in the case involved Irving and her children, along with Kenya Walton and her children.

Attorneys for the Raleigh mothers say the settlement is contingent on final approval by the Raleigh City Council, the city’s excess insurance carrier, and the federal district court.

In a statement, Irving said, “It’s been a very long and stressful journey. We are still dealing with the trauma caused by this horrible situation, but after a long three years, justice was finally served,” said Yolanda Irving, the lead named plaintiff in the case.

The raid was led by former Raleigh Police Det. Omar Abdullah. In July 2022, Abdullah was indicted by a Wake County grand jury after he was accused of planting fake heroin on a group of men.

Emancipate NC, whose attorneys represent Irving, said the raid at her home was meant for someone being by framed by Abdullah and an informant. They said that while Irving’s address was on the search warrant, there was no evidence connecting Irving or Walton to illegal activity.

According to Emancipate NC, when police arrived at Irving’s address, they made the spontaneous decision to also enter Walton’s apartment after seeing several children run inside as officers approached.

“Our firm has now settled claims on behalf of 28 individuals related to misconduct by Officer Abdullah and the RPD VICE Unit,” said Abraham Rubert Schewel, attorney at Tin Fulton Walker & Owen, in a release. “We hope that the City of Raleigh continues to examine its policies related to the use of confidential informants and the execution of search warrants to ensure that nothing like this injustice ever happens again.”