RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A Raleigh woman is accused of killing eight cats and starving seven dogs.

Brigette Baldwin cried as a Wake County prosecutor described the conditions officers found the animals in.

“There were six dogs in the house. Four were in the living room with no food and water. Two were locked in the bedroom with no food and water. Every dog was extremely emaciated. There were feces and urine everywhere,” the prosecutor said in court Friday.

The prosecutor said officers were serving an eviction notice at a Garner apartment where Baldwin lived when they found four dead cats, and six starving dogs. In warrants, officers describe all the dogs as “extremely emaciated.”

The dogs included a 40 -pound black lab mix, a 15-pound beagle, a 4-month-old black lab puppy, a black and white pit bull, and a shihtzu so badly matted officers couldn’t determine its sex.

The discovery at the apartment led officers to a home on Chelsea Drive in Raleigh. A neighbor said Baldwin had inherited a few years ago.

“Surprised and shocked, because I never expected, especially when I was familiar with her,” said Richard Smith.

Smith has lived across the home for some time, and said he used to see Baldwin and others collecting mail, but he hadn’t seen anyone at the home in more than a month.

“With all the animals that were supposedly around, I never heard a sound,” Smith said. “That’s the part I can’t figure out. Why didn’t I hear anything? If I’d heard dogs barking and stuff like that, I would have immediately said what’s going on, because there was nobody there. Nope. Not a sound.”

Inside, officers found four more badly decomposing cats and a starving dog locked in a crate, the prosecutor said.

“Animal patrol showed up with the sheriff’s department again. Then came the fire department with two fire engines and hazardous material,” Smith said.

Wake County Animal Services say it is currently caring for six of the dogs. The animals are not currently up for adoption, but may be once the case in completed.

A judge ordered Baldwin to undergo a mental health evaluation if she makes bond and prohibited her from owning any animals.