RANDLEMAN, N.C. (WGHP) — Saturday night was supposed to be a dream come true for 14-year-old Madi Mitchem.

For months she dreamed of wearing a pink, sparkly, one-shoulder dress and matching pink Converse at Mercedes-Bendz Stadium in Atlanta, screaming every Taylor Swift song and dancing with her mom.

Instead, she’s sitting in a room at Duke Hospital in Durham fighting for her life.

“I was diagnosed with glioblastoma, which is a type of brain cancer,” said Madi.

She got the diagnosis in April 2021. It was a confusing time for Madi’s family and the doctors.  She didn’t have stereotypical seizures or headaches. Madi experienced slight numbness in her hands. Doctors originally thought it was a pinched nerve or MS.

Then a devastating diagnosis, stage four brain cancer.

“She’s been through two brain surgeries, 33 radiation treatments, she’s been on four separate treatments and even done some clinical trials,” said Marilee Cugino, Madi’s mom.

Madi started spending more time in hospitals and less time doing some of the things she loved, but what didn’t change was her love of Taylor Swift.

“She’s just a lyrical genius if you just listen to what she can put into a song and you can really connect with her music in all different ways,” said Madi.

Her love of the country turned pop star started when Madi was young.

“When we get in the car, we automatically are jamming and we’ve spent a lot of time on the road back and forth to Duke, it’s like an hour and thirty minute drive we do every two weeks,” said Marilee.

From car jam sessions to lyric quotes posted outside her hospital window, Madi’s dad Kelsey Cugino waited hours in the Ticketmaster line to score seats for his little girl.

“I somehow got the presale and stayed on refreshing my phone all day,” said Kelsey.

The family picked the concert in Atlanta on April 29 because it was right before Madi’s next clinical trial.  A bright spot for her to look forward to.

Then, she was hospitalized.

“We thought it was just inflammation from some of the medicine, but it turns out it was kind of progression of tumor growth,” said Marilee.

Her family knew quickly she wouldn’t be strong enough to travel and the concert was out of the question.

“I was given 24 hours to live, seven days ago, four days ago I was given three days, the doctors can’t explain it, but it’s God,” said Madi.

At one point family and friends started to visit Madi to say goodbye, but she kept fighting.

“We try to make the best of every situation because that’s what God would want us to do,” said Kelsey.

Her family threw her a tiny Military Ball with her boyfriend to keep her spirits high.

Since she isn’t able to watch Taylor Swift on stage, she’s hoping for the chance to just say hello.

“A video, Facetime, anything, everybody knows who Taylor Swift,” said Madi.

And for more people to know where she draws her strength from.

“That’s all I want to accomplish, I want to be a servant for the lord, I want everybody to see how he’s used me and I want everybody to see what he’s done and that he is, I want all the glory to go to God,” said Madi.

Madi also keeps a list of people she prays for daily and welcomes more prayer requests.

FOX8 reached out to a member of Taylor Swift’s team and has not heard back.

Since Madi’s diagnosis in 2021, Randleman and the Randolph County community have surrounded her.  Over the past few weeks, Madi picked a color each day and schools, businesses, and churches all wore the color to show their support.

If you want to keep up with Madi’s journey and show support you can follow her Facebook page at Strong Madi Moo Prayer Page.