Rescue crews to resume search for teen missing in water at Eno River State Park

North Carolina
Eno River SP Search

Rescue personnel in Durham will resume the search Wednesday morning for a teenager they say possibly drowned at Eno River State Park on Tuesday evening. 

Park officials say the 18-year-old was with a friend when he jumped into the water.

Officials say the friend reported the teen came up from the water, then went under again. The friend didn’t see the teen emerge from the water and called 911 at 5:15 pm.

Although the 60-acre quarry, which sits at the edge of the Eno River, is a popular swimming spot, park rangers strongly advise against it, saying the quarry is very dangerous.

“Swimming is not recommended in the park. The quarry is not recommended swimming in. It’s razor sharp rocks on the side. It’s an old quarry, they removed the rock, it’s a hole in the ground. It’s very cold, it’s dark, you cannot see in the water,” said Park Ranger Jack Singley.

Park Rangers say at its deepest, the quarry is about 60 feet deep.

In addition to using boats and divers, park rangers completed a “hasty search,” looking for items like a car or backpack belonging to the missing person.

“We look for examples of things they may have left, so we can try to find them and help them leave the park safely,” Singley said.

A call came in at 5:15 p.m. about the possible drowning. Rescue crews searched around the park, in the water with boats. They also utilized divers.

The search was suspended before 10 p.m. and will resume Wednesday around 9 a.m., officials said.


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