TRANSYLVANIA COUNTY, N.C. (WSPA) – A mountain biker was rescued after suffering from a significant injury on the Bennett Gap trail on Saturday.

Transylvania County Rescue Squad members said that a call came out about enabling them to respond with three teams that had over a dozen members.

Due to the unknown passibility of trails in the area, two ATV teams with paramedic support were dispatched along different routes to get to the patient. A foot team was also available to provide support for further assistance and to carry the patient out.

One team continued on foot to get to the patient and the second team was trying to get the ambulance closer to the patient’s location.

Team three got to the patient after traveling 3.1 miles from the starting point and began providing care 41 minutes after leaving the starting point.

Rescue teams found a critically injured biker located high on Bennett Gap requiring immediate evacuation. The patient was transferred into a search and rescue trail wheel.

All three teams worked together to move the patient and clear obstacles out of the trail to make a clear path. The patient’s riding partners assisted crews and provided support throughout the carryout.

After reaching the ambulance the patient was transported to a helicopter for rapid transport to a trauma center.

This was the squad’s second rescue in 24 hours.