CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – It’s a place to exercise and enjoy nature.

“I’ve always been like a pretty independent person,” said Abbey Nesbitt as she walked the McAlpine Greenway. “I like walking by myself, but I know there are people out there, but I’ve always felt like this is a safe place for me to do that.”

Police are reminding people to be vigilant on the McAlpine greenway after a woman was attacked Wednesday morning.

CMPD says it occurred on the 1/4-mile section of the trail between Independence Boulevard and Margaret Wallace Road just after 11 a.m.

Investigators say a man approached a woman from behind, forced her to the ground, and attempted to assault her sexually.

“During the struggle, she started to fight back a little bit; she was able to get to her cell phone,” said Captain Jim Wright with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg special victims unit. “Alert to help and notify 911, which officers responded.”y

The suspect got away, and those hearing about the attack say it’s a scary situation, especially after hearing about the kidnapping and murder of a woman in Memphis, Tennessee, as she was jogging early morning last week.

“No matter if it’s on the trail or anywhere, that is concerning,” Andrew Holt said while bike riding with his son.

Police say they will increase patrols on the greenway, and people said they immediately saw a CMPD ATV on the trail.

“If they’re doing it a lot, not just here and there, there is someone constantly out there or if they have cameras or something. Increased security would make me feel a lot better,” added Nesbitt. “Especially that I am always walking by myself, and I know a lot of women out there doing that too.”

People on the trail also say they will watch out for each other.

“I would always say safety in numbers,” said Holt. “If you’re going to exercise out here, don’t do it by yourself. Make sure you have a partner or two staying close by. People are less likely to attack you if you’re in groups.”

Call CMPD or crime stoppers if you have any information on the case.