CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Amazon’s mission involves getting your packages to your doorstep, but that didn’t happen for some south Charlotte customers.

While walking their dog near Flat Branch Creek Saturday, a husband and wife spotted several packages scattered down an embankment.

“My wife spotted some packages in the creek, and I said, ‘Surely those packages haven’t been opened, or it’s just garbage.’ And she said, ‘No, go down and take a look.’ And the packages were unopened,” he said.

The man, who did not want to be identified, said he walked down the embankment and grabbed the packages he could reach.

On the boxes, he noticed names and addresses of nearby businesses.

“So, I started pulling the packages out, fishing them out and calling those addresses and googling those addresses and the store owners and letting them know that we found unopened packages in the creek,” he said.

He threw the boxes in the back of his truck. He hand-delivered them to businesses inside the Blakeney Town Center, including Francesca’s clothing boutique store and a graphic design business Postnet.

“It was really strange, you would think that it was nefarious or if it was a theft, that why would somebody go to five different addresses, grab all of the packages and throw them into the creek unopened,” the man who found the packages said.

Queen City News reached out to Amazon regarding the dumped packages.

A company spokesperson said they are looking into the incident and working to resolve it as quickly as possible in an early statement.