RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Some state workers are asking for the North Carolina General Assembly to invest $6.5 billion in surplus revenue into its workers and services.

On Wednesday, over a dozen state workers with the North Carolina Public Service Workers Union held a rally outside the General Assembly to voice their concerns. 

“The gas prices are as high as they’ve ever been and yet the state of North Carolina is proposing a 5% or less raise for state employees which is an absolute insult to the hard-working and dedicated people that they employ,” said Sekia Royall, President of the North Carolina Public Service Workers Union UE Local 150.

The union says they are asking for the North Carolina General Assembly for pay raises of $3,000 across the board, as well as $2,000 bonuses for all state employees.

They also want the state to invest in the expansion of Medicaid and understaffing at certain state operated facilities. 

Patrice Jacobs works as a cook at the Longleaf-Neuro Medical Center in Wilson. She says she wants to see a pay increase from the state.

“We feel that as workers and as hard as we work and as dedicated ones, especially that’s been there for the duration of 20 or 30 years of servicing for the state of North Carolina should be treated fairly and decency,” said Jacobs.

Dr. Rakesh Patel told CBS 17 he’s seeing an increase in vacancies at central regional hospital where he works in Butner.

He fears the more vacancies the hospital has, the bigger the impact on patients.

“We’re not able to take care of as many residents in North Carolina because of the staffing, and so now it’s urgent that the legislature pass something to keep this upflow of employees,” said Dr. Patel.

Along with asking for raises, the group is also asking for a repeal on public sector collective bargaining and  more affordable housing