Suspect killed in Apex police shooting threatened officers with shotgun, chief says

North Carolina
Apex Police Shooting Scene 1

Apex, N.C. police say a fatal officer-involved shooting on April 25 began when the suspect made a noise complaint and ended with him threatening officers with a shotgun.

Officers were dispatched to the Olive Chapel Pool parking lot around 10:10 p.m. on April 25 in reference to a non-emergency call about loud music being played. The call came from Stanley Edward Thompson, of 3033 White Cloud Circle, according to Letteney.

“They are playing really loud music. His subwoofers are so hard it’s actually vibrating my bedroom window,” Thompson said. 

Dispatcher received a 911 call less than 10 minutes later, but the caller hung up. A return call was made. The caller reported an assault at the pool.

Then, a minute later, a second call came in from the assault victim’s father who said his son was attacked by a person who came into his parked car, Letteney said.

WNCN spoke with John Hucks, who said he was listening to music when a man, who police believe was Thompson, approached and attacked him.

“He just kept screaming in my face over and over again to get out and to turn the music down. He kept grabbing for my neck, my shirt. He had ripped my chain off,” Hucks said.

Hucks said during the altercation, the man’s hat came off in his car.

“I had knocked off his hat in my car which we had given to the police and they said that they would try to call a canine unit to see if they could track the scent to where he had gone,” Hucks said.

Officers determined the suspect had fled on foot. They brought in a K-9 that tracked the suspect. The dog lost the scent near the entrance to a townhome around 10:27 p.m., Letteney said.

Investigators then went door-to-door. They knocked on the door of Thompson’s home and he answered. He was asked to open his door, but refused. Officers continued to try to engage him in conversation, Letteney said.

Over the next 10 minutes or so, Letteney said officers spoke with neighbors and were able to match Thompson’s description with the assault suspect’s. They also learned he was known to have guns.

Thompson eventually opened the door to his townhome and walked out armed with a shotgun, and officers noticed a large plum of smoke coming from inside the home Letteney said. 

Officers gave repeated commands to drop his weapon. Instead, he raised it, aimed at officers, and walked toward them, according to Letteney.

“I had saw him come out with a gun in his hand pointed out at the police officers. They had yelled to put it down, get on the ground, which he had advanced a couple more steps and that’s when we heard shots rang out,” Hucks said.

Officers with the Apex Police Department and Wake County Sheriff’s Office shot at Thompson, who died at the scene, Letteney said.

Letteney added that it was unfortunate for a noise complaint to escalate to the point where a person died.

One Apex police officer is on administrative duty as the State Bureau of Investigation handles the investigation. Letteney said that Apex officers do not have body cameras and that it isn’t yet known whether dashboard cameras were pointed toward the shooting scene.

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