The Produce Box is sharing the local love, one box at a time

North Carolina

What started with 25 families back in 2008 has now grown to over 14,000 across North Carolina.

Founder and CEO Courtney Tellefsen is bringing fresh produce with local roots to your neighborhood through The Produce Box. They reach households from Wilmington to Raleigh and all the way to Charlotte.

The Produce Box is a local operation from top to bottom. From the farms where the produce is gathered to the stay-at-home moms (and a few dads!) who deliver the boxes in their neighborhoods.

“The mission of The Produce Box is to deliver as much local produce from local North Carolina farmers as possible. As much as humanly possible. Deliver local produce to North Carolina families as much as we can,” says Tellefsen.

Their mission was magnified during the month of February with their LOCAL=LOVE campaign. The campaign consists of three different ways to give.

If you enroll, The Produce Box will donate a box of produce to a local non-profit. But the love doesn’t stop there. TPB has given their members the chance to donate to local non-profits, and the response has been incredible.

“In six weeks, our members have donated 50,000 dollars’ worth of produce to local non-profits who will be able to get that produce and deliver it out to families. So that’s huge!”

Another way you can spread the love is through their “Good Neighbor Bundles.” Tellefsen says this puts the personal touch in the giving.

“We created these two-dollar good neighbor bundles, three-dollar good neighbor bundles that you can purchase. We deliver that to our members, then they take that bundle, and then they deliver it to who they think needs that product. And it has been huge.”

They have had hundreds of people buy the produce bundles and deliver them to those who need them. After members give their bundle, they are asked to tell The Produce Box how they used it. It’s a beacon of light in what has been a difficult time.

“It’s been really good. I mean there’s really no negative. It benefits the farmers because we’re getting their produce out. It benefits the member because they get the opportunity to give. It’s a good thing.” 

Although the month of February is coming to an end, Tellefsen says you can still become a member and help your home as well as your community.

“And then as soon as they become a member, which is pretty much easy, a click of a button, as soon as they become a member, then they have access to those good neighbor bundles, which are really fun, and of course they can always donate produce.”

Eating good food is beneficial to the body, but doing good for others is beneficial for the soul. Tellefsen has seen that firsthand with her customers.

“Not just what it feels like in terms of taste and freshness, but what it feels like, you know? It feels good. I mean when you’re doing good, it feels good.”

If you would like to learn more, just head over to their website:

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