THOMASVILLE, N.C. — Two teens accused a neighbor of blocking them into a dead end after they say that neighbor told them they did not look like they belonged.

Now, the parents of one of those teens is planning to file a civil lawsuit against that neighbor.

Taylor Harris’ mom Sharon Broadie, took to social media to talk about the Jan. 16 incident. The Facebook post has been shared more than 300 times.

The incident began as an encounter between neighbors in a typically quiet Thomasville neighborhood.

“We hadn’t even gotten out of the car yet. That’s how fast she was on it,” Harris said. “I have a convertible, so I was taking my top down off the convertible, it was a car picture and when I looked at my mirror, she was right there blocking us in right behind us.”

The 17-year-old Harris and her friend were getting ready to take photos of themselves in her car when they say an angry neighbor approached them.

“She was like, ‘People do bad things around here and I don’t think that you live here so why are you down here?’” Harris said.

She said she started to explain that she lived down the street.

“My friend literally says, ‘Is it because we’re Black?’ And she’s like, ‘yes.’ And then she started to record her and she’s telling her the situation and she was saying, ‘I don’t care if you record me. You can record me,’” Harris recalled. “At that point, I was ready to go home.”

The only problem was they say the woman’s car was blocking her in from behind and the land in front of her car was muddy from the snow that fell earlier that day.

That’s when Harris called her parents, who showed up shortly after.

Harris’ mom, Broadie, eventually called Davidson County deputies and said she did not feel they took it seriously.

Broadie said a deputy only asked the woman to apologize.

“Because he didn’t do a report, he didn’t ask my name, he didn’t ask my daughter’s name, he didn’t ask my husband’s name, he didn’t even tell us his name,” Broadie said.

FOX8 spoke to Capt. Mann at the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office Monday. He said there was not a report filed for the incident but did not give a clear answer as to why not. FOX8 called the Mann back Tuesday for a follow-up but was unable to reach him that day.

However, emergency dispatch did confirm a deputy did respond to the location on that day for a neighborhood disturbance.

For Harris, she said the incident shook up her sense of security and wanted the woman to know this.

“I would like to tell her that I feel like had the right to be there just as much as her kids had the right to be there. I don’t feel like because of the color of my skin, I’m any worse than her kids,” Harris said. “I feel like before she talks to someone, she needs to think about what she’s saying and who she’s saying it to because that really hurt me.”

FOX8 knocked on the door of the woman at the center of the allegations and she declined to give any comment.