Thousands are lucky winners in ‘Pick 4’ N.C. lottery drawing

North Carolina

Thousands of people are lucky winners after the popular number 7777 was chosen in Monday’s daytime drawing for the “Pick 4” North Carolina Lottery.

According to the North Carolina Education Lottery Commission, 1,853 people played the number 7777 in Monday’s daytime drawing, winning a total of $6,696,090.

$0.50 “Pick 4” ticket holders won $2,500 each, while $1.00 “Pick 4” ticket holders won $5,000 each.

Tickets matching one pair of 7’s in the 4-digit number won $25-$50 each.

Tickets matching the Sum It Up total, 28, won $15-$30 each.

Tickets that were off by a select number of digits won the following amounts:

1 Digit: $150-$300

2 Digits: $20-$40

3 Digits: $13-$26

4 Digits: $26-$52

To claim your lottery prize, follow these instructions on N.C. Education Lottery’s website.

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