Town Hall held in Huntersville after fights and guns found at CMS schools

North Carolina

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Teachers, parents, and students fed up with violence in schools asked for change at Hopewell High School Wednesday night to keep guns out of schools.

Around 300 people showed up to voice concerns about school safety at a town hall meeting at Lake Forest Church in Huntersville.

“Do not cater to a select few who are otherwise bent on disrupting,” said a teacher.

A teacher talked tough to Charlotte-Mecklenburg School leaders saying the district needs to enact and uphold policies to keep students who cause trouble out of schools.

“Current policies are creating this environment where a small pocket of our population can hold a school hostage,” said a teacher.

Teachers and parents spoke at a town hall Wednesday night to talk about how to keep schools safe.

Two weeks ago, five students were arrested after two loaded guns were found. One gun spilled onto the floor following a fight at Hopewell High School.

Fifteen guns have been found on CMS campuses this school year.

“I raised my children to be really tough and resilient but when weapons come into a school, my daughter’s fearful,” said a parent.

CMS board member Rhonda cheek announced that Superintendent Earnest Winston is creating an internal task force to look at a number of options, including clear backpacks, metal detectors, and adding more campus security officers.

“We are committed when I say “we,” our Board of Education, we are committed to doing everything we can to keep our schools safe,” said Winston.

A teacher and a parent raised concerns about metal detectors saying they don’t want schools to feel like prisons.

One parent is grateful to Hopewell High teachers and leaders for stepping in to stop the violence two weeks ago.

“Your actions, the actions of the Huntersville Police Department saved our children, my children came home, your children came home, they all came home,” said a parent.

CMS board member Rhonda Cheek told Fox 46 before the meeting that she still wants the school board to consider a pilot program for metal detectors and she thought the superintendent was going to address studying the feasibility of metal detectors in the meeting, but he did not address any specifics on metal detectors in his opening remarks.

“I want us to take back our schools, parents want us to take back our schools, they want them to be safe, rich, great learning environments, and we can’t do that when there’s fear,” Cheek said.

Cheek also talked about clear backpacks and says they can’t start that right away because the backpacks are made in China and there’s a supply chain issue right now.

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