Triad counties handle people giving away vaccine appointments differently

North Carolina

Getting a spot to get a COVID-19 vaccine shot can be tough.

As fast as appointments are opening up, they’re filling up.

Some people are now offering to give up their appointments to neighbors, spouses, or close friends who they feel need it more than they do.

But is it allowed?

In Alamance County, it’s allowed as long as the person who someone wants to give their spot to qualifies. That means both people involved must be in the current vaccination group.

Each case is carefully considered before the swap is made.

“It’s definitely a benevolent gesture,” said Tony Lo Giudice, the Alamance County health director.

He said no one has requested “swapping” out their COVID-19 vaccine appointments yet, but he knows it could happen.

“Maybe they feel their husband needs it more than they do, or their wife needs it more than they do, or their neighbor needs it more than they do,” Lo Giudice said.

While switching appointments is OK in Alamance County, it’s not an acceptable gesture in Forsyth County.

“They have to wait in line like everyone else,” Deputy County Manager Shontell Robinson said.

She said it all comes down to fairness.

“It’s not your vaccine. There are 380,000 people in Forsyth County. So, there are other people who also want a vaccine appointment,” Robinson said. “If that person wants to give [for example], their brother their appointment, then they can register their brother in our system instead of themselves.”

It’s something that Lo Giudice said he is OK being a little lenient about.

“It makes me feel good that people want the shots. If they feel that someone is in a dire need or in an elevated need to get their shots, and they’re willing to give it up, it feels good,” he said. “It’s a good human principle to have.”

FOX8 did check with some other health departments in the Triad.

Representatives from Randolph and Rockingham counties told FOX8 that they haven’t received any requests for this, but would try to work with people on a case-by-case basis.

If anyone has questions about whether they’re able to give someone else a scheduled appointment times, they are encouraged to call their local health departments.

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