RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Now that young teenagers are eligible for the COVID-19 shot, vaccine providers across the Triangle are working to make the vaccination process as easy as possible for families.

As teens and preteens come in for their shots, vaccine providers say they’re happy to take some extra time with them.

“We’ll absolutely make sure their questions are answered we give them a chance to feel comfortable,” said WakeMed pediatrician Dr. Rasheeda Monroe.

Monroe said she knows many kids just don’t like needles and said people giving the vaccines understand that.

“We work with them and try some of our techniques, as pediatricians, and pediatric nurses, and medical assistants, to help relax them and for them to feel comfortable, but a lot of times they are just nervous about getting shots in general, and that’s okay,” said Monroe. “We’re used to that. We’ll work with that.”

Providers are also working to make the process as efficient and convenient as possible.

“We are trying to make it easy for parents to vaccinate multiple kids at the same time,” noted Elizabeth Ramsey with UNC Health. “We are going to be providing Saturday clinics and hoping we can offer late day and after-hours when students are available. We’re also going to be partnering with some schools hopefully in the future trying to provide vaccination on-site with the school system.”

Dr. David Wohl, an infectious disease specialist with UNC, said parents who aren’t yet vaccinated can often get their shots when their children do.

“We are eager to see kids come in and families come in so we can vaccinate everyone in the family,” Wohl said.