CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — North Carolina Rep. Tricia Cotham said her mom and son were targeted in a road rage incident last week. 

This comes four months after Cotham made the controversial decision to switch political parties, giving Republicans a super majority in the General Assembly

Cotham, whose district covers eastern Mecklenburg County, on Saturday described it as a “politically targeted road rage attack.” However, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, Matthews Police and the Mint Hill Police Department all said no reports were filed.  

In Cotham’s Facebook post, she says her mother, Mecklenburg County Commissioner Pat Cotham, was driving with her son when an angry woman pulled up in a Toyota and started honking her horn and screaming vulgar obscenities at them.  

Susan Mills, the vice chairwoman of the N.C. Republican Party, says Tricia Cotham has been dealing with politically motivated attacks for months.  

“As a mom, I was absolutely horrified that somebody would do that,” Mills said. “Children are off-limits no matter what. And the fact that you would put a child’s life in danger, just because you’re upset was something the parent did, is unacceptable. And no matter what political association you are, there’s no reason to do that.” 

QCN reached out to both Tricia and Pat Cotham for comment but has not heard back.