GASTONIA, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Dallas police say a call was made at around 6 p.m. Friday evening about a stolen car with a one-year-old inside.

The suspect, according to investigators, was a 14-year-old who drove from Dallas into Gastonia city limits and was spotted at North New Hope Road.

“We tried to pull it over to get it to stop,” said Gastonia police spokesperson Rick Goodale. “The driver failed to stop and led our officers on a police pursuit.”

That chase ended on U.S. 321 and Main Avenue in Gastonia, but the driver wasn’t done.

“The male driver bailed out of the car and ran,” added Goodale. “He was eventually caught without incident.”

Police say the infant was found unharmed.

The victim spoke to Queen City News off-camera and said she didn’t know the suspect.

A gun was also found in the car, but investigators are not telling to who the weapon belonged.

Police say the teen is facing numerous charges.

“Dallas PD will be handling the stolen vehicle and the kidnapping charges from their jurisdiction,” said Goodale. “And we’re going to be handling all the traffic-related charges here in Gastonia. Obviously, with the seriousness of what happened in Dallas, that is going to take precedent over our charges.”