Trooper has cruiser rammed by bull on I-95 before stopping wrong-way driver on I-40

North Carolina

FOUR OAKS, N.C. (WNCN) — A North Carolina trooper in Johnston County had his cruiser rammed by a bull, then just hours later managed to stop a driver going the wrong way.

Investigators said Trooper Josh Kiser’s quick actions likely saved lives. 
The events began Thursday night on I-95 in Four Oaks. 

“We received a call from dispatch that was stating they were receiving multiple calls of a cow in the roadway,” Kiser said.

Several troopers were already on the southbound side when the bull crossed over to the northbound side. The road was open and traffic was moving through. So, Kiser turned his cruiser around. 

“We observed a black cow running northbound with the flow of traffic on the right shoulder… The bull put its head down and rammed the front area of my patrol vehicle and continued running,” Kiser said.

Investigators said attempts to corral the animal were unsuccessful. They had to put it down later. 

Kiser then headed to Raleigh to have his patrol car checked out. 

“Raleigh communications dispatched a call and said they received one call of a vehicle traveling east on I-40 in the westbound travel lanes.”

Within minutes, the trooper said that the vehicle was coming at him. He put on his lights and sirens, pulled to the shoulder and then turned around.

That’s when he performed what’s called a PIT maneuver to get that car to stop. 

“I knew I had traffic on the roadway and there was a curve that was going to be coming up ahead of us and I had passed multiple cars on the way to the call. I knew those cars should be coming around that curve pretty soon,” Kiser said.

Sgt. Brian Maynard works with Kiser. 

“Trooper Kiser most definitely saved a life last night,” Maynard said.

The driver going the wrong way identified as Charles Sellers, 48, officials said. Investigators said he was drunk. 

“We take each call seriously. You just never really know what it’s going to lead to,” Maynard said.

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