Unofficial ‘Canes mascot ‘Hamilton the Pig’ could be headed to China

North Carolina
Hurricanes Hamilton The Pig

Hamilton the Pig — the unofficial mascot of the Carolina Hurricanes and their postseason run — could be headed to China.

Hamilton has become a sort of celebrity at playoff games and watch parties. He’s developed such a reputation that NHL China has taken notice.

Kyle Eckenrode, Hamilton’s owner, said NHL China reached out asking if they would be interested in going for a visit to help celebrate the year of the pig.

“It’s wild. The NHL China has only been established for two years, so their fans are still looking for a team to support. This could be huge for the Hurricanes,” Eckenrode said.

While nothing official has been set up. Eckenrode said they still need to check with Hamilton’s veterinarian, but he is interested in bringing the famous pig to China.

“The Chinese fans really got excited about the year of the pig part of it,” he said.

As the Hurricanes face the Bruins in the Eastern Conference Final, Eckenrode said they don’t have any plans to go to Boston to support the team. However, they’ll consider a trip to Boston if the series goes to seven games.


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