Vance County assistant principal suspended after DA says video shows contact between him, student

North Carolina

HENDERSON, N.C. (WNCN) – An assistant principal has been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation after a second allegation of abuse surfaced at a Vance County school, according to a news release from the school.

Vance County Assistant Principal Kevin Ross was suspended as authorities investigate allegations that Miktazza Wynn was left with a dislocated shoulder and whiplash when she was thrown into lockers.

The decision comes after District Attorney Mike Waters reviewed a video and cleared now-former Deputy Warren Durham of the second set of abuse allegations.

Durham was charged with three misdemeanors after video showed him slamming an 11-year-old boy to the floor at Vance County Middle School.

“What it does unequivocally demonstrate is that the school resource officer that is charged in the incident did not have any physical contact with the student in this case,” Waters said of the video. “It does show contact between the student and the assistant principal.”

Miktazza’s mother, Roslyn Wynn, said she saw the surveillance video as well on Wednesday.

She says she was instructed not to bring her cell phone in with her and was not able to record it.

“How could you stand here and watch this assault go on and nobody reporting it?” she asked. “She loved school. How dare you take that away from my daughter! She doesn’t [sic] want to go to school. And, it’s hard because my daughter loves school!”

Wynn’s daughter was suspended following the incident last week.

When she met with the superintendent this week, she said he told her that suspension was lifted and he offered resources for her daughter to receive counseling.

CBS 17 has contacted Vance County Schools to find out the employment status of the assistant principal but we have not received a response.

Waters said the State Bureau of Investigation was involved in the case involving the former SRO because it was a use of force case.

The SBI does not have a role in this investigation, he said.

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