A 21-year-old woman faces charges after she assaulted several Wake County detention officers and attempted to escape custody during an incident on Monday, warrants show. 

Shyann Althea Newsome was being held at the detention center after being arrested May 17 on a charge of attempted assault with a deadly weapon, arrest records show.

At some point Monday, Newsome got into an altercation with several detention officers – injuring five, warrants show. 

Five deputies were sent to the emergency room with injuries to their wrists, ankles, and knees. One detention officer had some of her hair pulled out during the altercation, warrants show. 

She also attempted to escape custody during the incident, warrants say. 

Newsome was charged with five counts felony assaulting a law enforcement officer inflicting serious injury and one count misdemeanor escape from local jail.

She is scheduled to appear in court May 29.