Wake County’s court system computer servers experience issues

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Wake County Courthouse

There’s been some frustration with the Wake County court system for some people trying to deal with legal issues in the last week or so.

A viewer reached out to WNCN saying he was having problems dealing with them by email for more than a week and when consumer investigator Steve Sbraccia began digging into the situation he found out it was a widespread problem with the computer servers for the Wake County Court system.

When you correspond with the courts, your email ends up in a server and our viewer complained to WNCN that the Wake County court system servers have been down for about 10 days.

When Sbraccia sent an inquiring email to Wake County Trial Court Administrator Kellie Myers about the outage, he received an auto-reply saying Wake County courts are having server problems and to be patient in expecting a reply.

The email also contained a list of frequently asked questions and links for court services.

After talking with several employees in the courthouse who confirmed said that email had been sporadic and slow and sometimes delayed, Sbraccia got an answer to his original email from Myers who said the servers “were experiencing some issues, but I believe they are fixed now.”

Myers also said, “The public’s ability to contact us has not been affected — my auto-reply is simply to let people know that there may be a delayed response because of the server issues.”

Myers was unable to say why the servers went down and why it took so long to fix them.

She suggested contacting Sharon Gladwell, at the NC Administrative Office of the courts who she said may be better able to answer our questions.

In addition to wanting to know why the servers failed, and why repairs took so long, we want to know how much it cost to fix the problem, and what is being done to prevent it from happening again. For example, is there a backup system?

Late Monday afternoon, Justin Furr, a spokesman for the NC Judicial Branch told WNCN in a statement that “Wake County judicial offices experienced some local network and storage issues that were intermittent from May 28 to June 7.”

He said, “There was no issue or impact for the public to access or contact the courts.”

Furr claimed, “The intermittent issues caused some delay to staff response time while the Administrative Office of the Courts was troubleshooting and resolving the technical issues.”

He said the issues were resolved as of Friday, June 7.

He did not say what caused the “network and storage issues,” or if backup systems are now in place to prevent a recurrence. 


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