CORNELIUS, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – There are plenty of different ways to get from one place to another.

For many, it’s heads down, wheels rolling, and eyes on the destination. So focused, and so fast, they miss what’s worth slowing down for.

“You wouldn’t believe it. Honestly, you would not believe the people who are nice enough to stop,” said Michael Knox.

Every day, for the last thirty years, Michael has sat on his front porch in Cornelius and lifted one welcoming hand to those who drive by.

“Everybody knows to wave to him, so he’s like making eye contact with whoever is going by,” said Case Warnemunde.

Cornelius is a small town, that’s not so small anymore.

“The stories are what makes Cornelius so unique,” said Case, who owns Old Town Public House.

He moved to Cornelius from Ohio.

“I’ll sit with them while they’re having lunch, talk to them, so I get to know a lot a lot of people,” said Mary Zima, who runs the hot dog stand.

Mary moved to Cornelius from Connecticut.

“This is my dream shop, yes. Dream come true,” said Georgia Ferguson, co-owner of Inspired at Lake Norman.

In fact, all around the area are people, not born in Cornelius, who decided this town was worth stopping for.

“The people are great,” said Mary.

“My passion is for building community,” said Case.

Things are busier than they used to be on Michael’s front porch.

“The world is going, going, going,” said Michael.

And as people keep going, so will he.

“I used to wave this arm, but it’s been operated on it four times,” said Michael, pointing to his left arm.

It’s a wave for now, and if it has to be a nod later on if things get too painful.

“I appreciate it- they tell me it helps them, I say it’s the same up here,” said Michael.

Even if it’s just a second or two, isn’t that time well spent? Making someone smile or saying thanks, to the waving man.