RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — It’s been months since Raleigh and Wake County leaders formed a task force to address homelessness in the area.

The committee’s co-chair, Raleigh city councilor Storme Forte, told CBS 17 that the comittee is working on a plan to develop a facility that will fit up to 260 people during inclement weather.

Forte says they’re still working through ideas for affordable housing and other ways to help.

 “Sometimes, it’s a challenge when you’re a government entity because there are, you know, certain policies that we have to adhere to,” Forte said.

Fellow task force member Cara Sanders, who is homeless, says she’s not happy with where they are and hoped to see more progress by now.

 “What is it that we’re doing that’s actually going to bring some resolution?” Sanders asked.

Councilor Forte said the committee will use its next meeting to discuss how Raleigh and Wake County will use federal dollars announced by the Biden administration in June specifically for homelessness concerns.