RALEIGH, N.C. (WHBF/WNCN) — People may be divided on lots of things these days, but when it comes to talking about Girl Scout cookies online, there’s a clear favorite that unites us.

The grilling and food experts at CookOutNews use trend software to analyze Twitter data to create food maps.

They tracked more than 230,000 tweets over the last 90 days to see what Girl Scout cookies had people tweeting.

They tracked tweets like “thin mints,” #thinmints, “adventurefuls, #adventurefuls, “samoas,” #samoas, “trefoils” and so on.

Then, they created a map based on geotagged Twitter data to show the most mentioned cookie type in every state.

The classic Thin Mint dominated the national discussion and was the top tweeted cookie in 37 states, including Virginia and South Carolina. The timeless combo of mint and chocolate has been available since the 1950s.

However, North Carolina had a favorite of its own.

North Carolina was the only state to favor Caramel deLites.

While they are very similar to Samoas, they are made by two different baking companies, ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers, and each company uses slightly different ingredients.

This is also the case for a few other cookies, and explains why some have different names in different areas in the country.

The most mentioned cookies include:

Thin Mints – 37 states
Samoas – 6 states
Trefoils – 5 states
Carmel deLites – 1 state
Tagalongs – 1 state

Even the “Raspberry Rally” cookie that sold out online in hours didn’t generate as much online buzz as these five cookies.

Tagalongs were the only other cookie to stand alone — like the Caramel deLites — in Oklahoma.

(Courtesy CookOutNews)