North Topsail sees changes amid completed beach restoration


NORTH TOPSAIL, N.C. (WNCT) — The incoming crash of ocean waves is no longer a concern for residents in North Topsail, as Phase Five of the beach restoration project is now complete.

The multi-million dollar project went on from December to July. Large pipes were used to dredge sand to the beach over a three and a half mile stretch, adding more width, and protection, to the beach.

Carin Faulkner, the Assistant Town Manager, is excited about how the wider beach will impact the community. “Our property owners aren’t going to have to replace their steps every year, or get new measures to re-build the dunes every fall when the seasonal erosion happens and they’re trying to protect their properties.”

Home owners, as well as construction companies, have responded to the restoration project. There’s been a visible increase in construction since the project began, which is evident to realtors in the area.

“The beach nourishment program has helped a great deal,” said Tim Baker, General Manager at Treasure Realty. “They just finished up phase five.. and you can see the width of the beach. And I think the tenants are responding to that.”

Treasure Realty says they’ve seen a 60% increase in sales; an influx of buyers, and an increase of renters.

North Topsail beaches are now not only more attractive, they’re better protected from storms.

Even residents have seen changes since the restoration. “It looks a lot cleaner, it looks like if there were a bad storm to come, they’re really trying to protect the beach and the new homes being developed in the area,” said Wanda Stanfield-Jones, a resident in North Topsail.

The added sand, as a result of this project, better defends beach houses from hurricanes. It’s a sure reason why home construction in this area is increasing.

“I think the protection aspect – that we’re taking measures to protect their property is really positive, and wanting to purchase property here,” said Carin Faulkner. “There’s also a risk of buying property on the ocean.. but maybe a little bit less risk on an engineered beach.”

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