(NewsNation Now) — A Kansas teen who made headlines after graduating from Harvard at 17 is now a few weeks away from finishing law school before his 20th birthday.

Braxton Moral, 19, will graduate from Washburn Law School.

Moral began taking classes online at Harvard University at age 11 and says he’s ready for his school years to come to an end.

“This may surprise you, but not many people want to hire a 17-year-old,” Moral said on NewsNation Prime. “So I thought law school would be a fantastic way to not only pass the time, but gain some knowledge that would be useful for later.”

The teen doesn’t have an exact plan for his future yet, but says he will probably practice law.

“I’ve done some extra studies in government law,” Moral said.

As for his thoughts on whether others need higher education, the teen believes it depends on what career path they choose.

“I always have told people that if they’re wanting to, you know, just get a job in something such as trucking, that that’s a very noble pursuit to do,” Moral said. “With all, you know, not only community colleges, but technical schools, each and every path is, you know, rife with, I guess, fruitful potential. So do whatever you feel drawn to and a set a target that you want to achieve.”