CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – A wedding on the verge of disaster is now saved thanks to one incredibly generous gesture.

Kristina Ngo and Tyler Koenig booked their wedding at Charlotte Metro Events a year and a half ago, but three days before their big day, they received an email from the venue that threatened their impending nuptials.

The email from Charlotte Metro Events stated that their business had been evicted effective May 10 and can, therefore, no longer accommodate the 350-person wedding scheduled for May 13.

“I can’t believe it. Really, like, three days from now, they expect us to find a new venue? There’s 350 people coming to this wedding, so it’s just very unacceptable,” said Koenig.

The email from the venue stated, in part: 

“During this past winter, we realized a very slow sales season.

Additionally, our sales manager had to take a 3-month leave of absence.

As a result, we got behind on our rent.”

It went on to detail some of the steps they had taken to try to pay back their debt to their property managers, including allegedly selling a portion of their business to raise money to pay their debts and finding a potential buyer to buy out the facility and come on as a business partner. Ultimately, the venue claimed their property managers did not want to accept their back payment and wished to obtain possession of the building instead.

“Full-on panic mode,” said Ngo. “That last all day until the night.”

Ngo also said she had no idea her venue was having financial issues and that communication with them had been minimal since the beginning of the year.

After calling numerous churches, restaurants, and party venues that could possibly accommodate a wedding of their size in just a couple of days’ notice, they got a bite. Saint Philip Neri Catholic Church in Fort Mill not only offered their facility for the wedding but offered it free of charge.

“We are so blessed. There’s just no words. There really are not any words for how happy I am,” said Ngo.

Charlotte Metro Events said they plan to refund venue costs, but it would take some time due to the number of booked events. Koenig and Ngo said they spent about $5,500 to secure that venue.

“I tried to be the calm, secure one and let her be able to lose it a little bit, but we’re just blessed today that we have the opportunity to have another venue and just move on and get married,” said Koenig.