LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– It might not be a dream marriage, but MountainView Hospital hosted a wedding for a patient in an ICU COVID unit on Tuesday.

The patient, identified as Eddie D., was diagnosed with cancer in October 2021, only three months after being told his cancer was in remission.

Shortly after developing bacterial pneumonia, Eddie was infected with COVID-19, which admitted him to the ICU, the hospital said.

Eddie D. asked Patricia M. to marry him on Monday over a text message since he is in the ICU and on COVID precautions.

Credit: MountainView Hospital

Eddie, who spent 33 years in the military and Patricia, a retired nurse, first met in the 1970s before getting married shortly after. Now, 74 and 75 years old, respectfully, they realized if not now, when?

“We were young and stupid,” Patricia said. “We divorced in a year but maintained contact over the years.”

The pair went on and lived their lives. Had families, births, and deaths. A little over five years ago found each other again.

Patricia saw online that it was Eddie’s birthday and dropped him a note, “Happy Birthday to my favorite ex-husband.”

Eddie, who lived in California, stopped in Las Vegas after visiting his son on the East Coast to visit Patricia and take her out to dinner. The rest, well, is history.

“We never really thought about getting married again,” Patricia said.

They moved in together in 2017.

“We’ve had five wonderful years,” Patricia said,

Because of Eddie’s COVID positive status, Patricia hasn’t visited him.

To have an in-person wedding, the hospital’s administration had to sign off and approve it.

“We hope this day was an unforgettable experience for Eddie and Patricia,” said MountainView Hospital CEO Julie Taylor. “This is proof that love prevails, and that people are stronger together and that there are joyful moments amidst the challenges.”