THOMASVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — A Thomasville man is warning other people not to go near any wild animals out during the day after he was attacked by a rabid fox.

It happened at his home in the 200 block of Kennedy Road. Charles Clark heard a noise coming from the crawlspace of his home.

“I crawled up under there, shined the light, and it was stalking me,” Clark said.

He opened the door to the crawlspace thinking the fox would run out, but something else happened.

“It launched at me, and I kicked it. It did bite my leg. I had shorts on. I punched it in the side of the neck and grabbed it by the throat, and I was choking it out,” Clark said.

He held the animal down, fought it back and finally hit it with a brick.

“Full self-defense mode. That’s what I went into. I had to because it was trying to rip me apart,” Clark said.

He was glad his 13-year-old son wasn’t down in the mix.

“It would have ran up and bit him,” Clark said.

Clark and other neighbors along Kennedy Road see foxes, deer, raccoons and coyotes run through their yards. They think more construction is to blame, sending the animals looking for a new place to live.

Clark called Davidson County Animal Control and the health department. County officials tested the fox for rabies, and the test came back positive.

He’s gone through one round of treatment for rabies so far and has two more to go.

Davidson County officials say this is the first rabies case of the year. The area normally sees anywhere from three to five.

Leaders are encouraging people to get their pets vaccinated.